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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Site Photos 29 December 2009

It is that time of the year again where we reflect on what we have achieved throughout the year, making resolutions and looking forward to a brand new year. And of course, most importantly the collection of our keys to Sierra Residency. Works are definitely progressing well as they were even working over the long weekend :)

Tower 1 View From Taman Puncak Kinrara

Tower 2 & Part of Tower 1.

Tower 2 And The Future Swimming Pool In The Foreground

Tower 2 Viewed From BK 4

A View Of The SR II Site Taken From SR I(Currently Occupied By 'Kongsi' Housing Construction Workers Of SR I)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Site Photos 17 December 2008

Works have been progressing very well since the last update ...

Tower 1, External Plastering Works Seems To Have Been Completed

Tower 2, Southern Wing Structural Works And Window Frames Completed To Roof

Tower 2, Northern Wing One More Floor To Go To Complete Structural Works For All Units

Spot Anything New On Site In This Picture?

Give Up?

It's At The Lower Left Hand Corner Of The Photo.

A New Sign Board Put Up By The Developer...


Looks like they are targeting to complete the project by middle of next year! June 2009 to be exact.

YA HOO !!!

Anyone still interested to get a unit? Details on the Sign Board

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Views Of The Surroundings

Ever wonder what the views are like from you units? Here is a sneak preview: -

View From Units Facing South: Terrace Houses And The Forest Reserve Beyond

View From Units Facing North: Water Tank, Surau And The PJ Skyline Beyond, You Can See The Telekom Building If You Look Carefully

View From Units Facing West: The Hill

No views towards East Yet As Tower 2 works are still progressing ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Interior Photos Update

More interior photos update. Most of the lower levels units are now fitted with doors and were locked, presumably all internal finishes had been completed. Only the higher levels units are accessible. Sanitary wares and fittings has been fitted into the bathrooms in the mock up unit, as shown: -
Bathroom 2

Inno brand sink, didn't like the plug that is attached with a chain, would love the pop up type. Ah! Well...

Inno brand WC, well at least it's a push button type. Certainly hope that the bip tap would come with a hose & spray bidet

Ceiling done to Bathroom 1, the compartment for pipes on the left had actually mad the shower compartment a bit small. Dunno why they use this type of ceiling, looks like office ;)

Ceiling done to Bathroom 2, this bathroom is actually bigger than Bathroom 1, sigh...

For those who bought some of those top most floor units, the Living area is much higher, I would say about 14 to 15 feet height. Very Grand

Same with the Dining area. The down side, I suppose is that you need more energy in terms of air conditioning to cool the space :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Progress Of Tower 2

Tower 2 is coming up fast, At this rate, lets hope that the apartment can be handed over earlier : )

Structural Works For Southern Wing Of Tower 2 Is Completed Up To The Roof Already

Northern Wing Of Tower 2 Still Has 4 Levels To Go Before Reaching The Roof

View Of Tower 2 Staircase Taken from Tower 1 Staircase, This Is The Little Gap Between The Two Towers. The Gap Is Very Close Compared To What Is Shown In The Artist Impression

Friday, October 3, 2008

Site Photos 02 October 2008

No activities on site during the Hari Raya celebrations. However works are progressing well: -

SR As You Are Approaching The Site Along Jalan BK 5B

SR Will Definitely Be A Landmark For BK 4 / BK 5B When Completed

Progress of the Entire Site

Tower 1 Progress

Tower 2 Progress

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Site Photos 02 September 2008

Site progress photos taken this afternoon. Works are now concentrated on Tower 2 with finishing works being done for Tower 1. This project will be very prominent in BK once completed :)

Tower 1, Still Finishing Off The Top Most Units Of Northern Wing

Tower 1, Southern Wing Not Much Activities At The Moment, I Suppose They Are Waiting For Tower 2 To Come Up Before Continuing With The Painting

Tower 2, Southern Wing Structural Works For 7th Floor Commenced, Brick Works Up To 3rd Floor

Tower 2, Northern Wing Structural Works Up To 6th Floor, Brick Works Up To 3rd Floor
Tower 2, At The Rate They Are Going, Let's Hope They Can Complete All Structural Works By The End Of This Year

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Site Photos 10 August 2008

The following site photos were taken on 10 August 2008, do not have time to post them till now...

View Of Entire Project Site

Tower 1, Painting Works Continuing

Tower 2, Structure And Brick Works Progressing

Tower 1, The Side Facing The Hill Is Also Being Painted, Wonder Why The Wall & Window To The Master Bedroom For The Corner Unit Is Not Done Yet.

Tower 2, The Side Facing The Back Is Also Up To 5th Floor

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Site Photos 31 July 2008

Seems that all works are concentrated on Tower 2, which is a good thing as the handover date is the same. At least there won't be anymore progress claim for Tower 1 until they do the sewerage, road and drainage works.

Tower 1, They Are Finishing Off The Top Most Units And The Roof For Lift Lobby

Tower 1, I Noticed That They Are Using 3 Different Colours For The External Walls At The Living Areas, Looks Rather Funny I Think

Tower 2, Construction Works Catching Up Fast!

Tower 2, Structure Up To 5th Floor And Followed By Brick Walls And Window Frames At 1st Floor

View Of Both Towers From Taman Puncak Kinrara At The Back

Monday, July 14, 2008

Site Photos 11 July 2008

Works on site is progressing well, actually I hope it could be faster. Well at least Tower 2 is coming up. More exciting times ahead for Tower 2 purchasers...

Tower 2 coming up, one more floor and the northern wing of Tower 1 will be covered.

Tower 1, southern wing not much activities except the glass panels for unit A01-09 had been installed.

The topping up of Tower 1, well not really, still have the roof slab for those units at Level 11 to go.

Tower 2 southern wing up to third floor now :)

Tower 2 northern wing also catching up with its southern wing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Site Photos 17 June 2008

Well, well, well after concentrating on the interior for a while , it's time to check out the progress of the entire project. As can be seen the works have progress quite a bit :)
Entire Project Site, Glad To See Tower 2 Progressing

Tower 2, RC Works Now Up To 2nd Floor

Tower 1 Southern Wing Completed, Northern Wing Works Now Up To 10th Floor

Tower 1, They Have Painted A Different Shade To The External Of The Living Room, But I Think It Is Still Very Far From The Model & Perspectives

Tower 1 Northern Wing Now Up To 10th Floor, Only One More Floor To Go!