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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Site Photos 25 March 2008

More progress site photos . They have commenced external plastering works for the southern wing of Tower 1, for those units facing the pool/playground. So owners of those units prepare to pay more interest as the bank will be releasing the next 10% very soon!
Tower 1, External Plastering Works Commenced

Tower 1

Tower 1

Tower 1, I noticed that they have made some changes to the external walls for the right hand section of this facade. If you look at the photos of the Artist Impression & Scaled Model, there were white fins/hood for all units No. 12. I felt that by doing that they had compromise the look of the building, not to mention cheaper and easier for them to construct.

Tower 2, southern wing 1st floor slab casted.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Site Photos 17 March 2008

Fellow purchaser Daryl Teo had posted some progress site photos at the following link: -

There are photos of the common corridor of the apartment which is well lit, this very good indeed. You can also checkout photos of the Wash Area and Bathrooms.

Unfortunately Daryl had deleted the above link!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Site Photos 13 March 2008

The following photos were taken yesterday evening. Works are progressing reasonably well.

Tower 1 Progressing Well, Window Frames Are All Up Except For 7th Floor

Tower 2 Comming Up, Basements Levels And Ground Floor Up And Should See Apartment Units Coming Up Next Month.

Scafoldings Are Being Erected Around Tower 1, I Think They Are Commencing External Plastering For This Tower Soon.