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Monday, February 22, 2010


Well the developer has finally issue letter to purchasers to take Vacant Possession (VP) of the Apartment, i.e. collect keys to the Apartment in layman terms.

For all issues and discussions on VP, please go to: -


Joseph said...

I am a Purchaser of a unit in Sierra Residency. I must admit I am very satisfied except the following:-
i) that our neigbour had made extension that include the air-conditioners area to the house
ii) As a result she had to hang her clothes and her son's school shoes in the passage in the veranda making the residency looks like a low-costs flat notwithstanding all of us signed also a Deed of Mutual Covenant (please see B - 05 - 11)
iii) Even after various complaint to the management and guard do not make any difference.
iv) Kindly please make the residents live orderly. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I seriously wonder what do these ppl get out of trying to be different. Why can't they just comply & make it more pleasant for everybody to live together. Makes u wonder what makes these ppl tick! Is there no way the management can enforce the house rules against rouge residents?

Sierra10 said...

I think the management should issue fines to these errant residents under the house rules. That's what the other condo managements are doing to deal with these problems.

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