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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sierra Residency II

Got the following layout regarding the other project by Pembinaan Sierra Mal Sdn Bhd in the vicinity along Jalan BK 5B /5. The Planning approval was dated back in 2 August 2005. Was told by the developer's representative that they are changing the layout due to complications of incorporating the drain reserved within the project.


Anonymous said...

Passion > oooh! thanks Cel for this valuable piece of u know if there will be a 10% discount like the first one?

Cel said...

Hi Passion,
I don't have any info regarding 10% discount for this project, but I can tell you that the units size are bigger, ranging from 1,000 sf to 1,450 sf, based on the copy of the approval letter from MPSJ. There is a total of 294 units for this one.

Anonymous said...

Passion > Thanks cel. Hmm..Looks like it will be priced much higher then. If they're giving the 10%, it will be good..but i somehow doubt it.

Thanks again cel.

Yip said...

Hi Cel, jst wondering where exactly is SR II located? Near to SR I ? Any idea of the price range and the possible launching period? Hear from u soon. Thx. Cheers.


P/S:By e way, any idea of anyone letting go their SR I units?

Cel said...

Hi Yip, sorry for the late reply. Yes SR II is near SR I, next to the forest reserve. You can see it in the location map here: -

Don't think they will launch SR II with the current market conditions. Anyway there are still units from the developer. Contacts are shown in my latest posting.

hollowben said...

Few areas that raised my concern :-

end April 2010, we were being verbally informed by the developer that CF was ready, thus we can start the renovation work immediately.

today 11May2010, i was heading to the management office to claim for the alarm system. However, i was been told that CF actually not ready. We are being cheated!!

is this the reason why there's still no electricity / water supply?
what is the purpose of handling keys to us?
why should we pay for the maintenance fees?

Pitiful to a malay owner who has moved in to his unit at Block B, which he and his pregnant wife and little kid has to stay in a home without electricity & water supply.

After this scene, i heading to the developer office located at Taman Bukit Kinrara to find for fact.

The office light was "ON" when i reached there, however there is no answer from the office no matter how long i knock the gate. thus, i tried to call in the general line, and the mobile # of the Project Manager of Sierramal, nobody taking up the call also. when i look-up again, the light was "OFF" already. WHAT'S HAPPENED?? Why are they hiding??

I sincerely hope all owners start to action now, pls share your thought how should we do next.

Below is the address & contact of the developer :-

No. 19-1, Jalan TBK 1/6, Taman Bukit Kinrara
Tel : 03-8076 8525
Mobile : 012-684 6763
Project Manager : Wan (019-655 9171)

Understand the developer will be launching the Sierra 2 in July 2010.
i'm very sure they will never can get through if our issue remain unsolved.

Alvin said...

Hi, i am the sale person for Sirra 2.
The developer only will soft launch the Sierra 2 after cny 2011.
The floor plan and layout is totally different with the old one.
They come out with a better plan. :)

Any enquiry please call: 012-2393215 Alvin

MaX said...

What are the price tag of SRII?????

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit concern staying here now after reading the post, since the company ppl seems rather irresponsible to deal with the problem of their property. It would suddenly affect their property value and their reputation for future development, ppl will not have confident on them. A property developed at such good location without well manage for now or in the future will be a waste.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alvin. May i know the actual date for launching this face 2 please because is quite some times already.

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know the sierra 2 total how many unit and how many block with the sf ? therefore, the price too ..